Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Top of it

Jill says:
On the home front, the health issues aren't as pressing as before and I have found that since the pressure is less, I have felt a heightened need to create. This morning I sat down and finished off March's Lifescrap365. Look, I even took a photo of it and have already posted it here! This month as I didn't have too much of an opportunity to carry my DSLR with me, I relied more on different media to tell my story. You'll see parts of a brochure for the craft expo, a cut out letterhead from an email, wrist bands from hospital (my son didn't want his photo taken with the tube in his nose-I guess a memory he didn't want to keep looking at forever and fair enough) and a clothing label. I even used my phone camera in the hospital because I had enough other stuff to cart in there, I didn't want the added responsibility of lugging my good camera. Ah! It definitely feels good to finish March's record of my goals.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Jill says:
I have been away on a very relaxing, no computer, no phones, no electricity type of camping holiday (ok, they turned the generator on for a couple of hours every night so we could have a hot shower) and came back to this great link from Mel. Have a read. I found it to be very motivating and really put things into perspective. It doesn't matter how far you fall behind in anything, really, an extra 20 minutes spent each day can catch it up before you know it.
And I loved the bit about it all really being about reminding us what a great life we have and feeling gratitude for our family and friends, our homes, our lives, everything we experience. It's not about stressing that we are behind, it's about enjoying the little things every day.