Monday, December 13, 2010

Jill says:
An interesting thing happened in November. Usually I would purposely make a point of taking some photos specifically for Lifescrap. In the month of November, I didn't take any photos 'specifically' for November. I was a little concerned that I would have to wing it on quite a few, thinking I wouldn't have taken enough photos on different days. As it turns out, I had more than enough and actually had to choose to leave some photos out. So here is my Lifescrap for the month of November.
I am also looking forward to our planning night tonight. Mel and I have some quite different ideas for where Lifescrap might take us next year. Tonight we are going to sit down and plan so we are ready to go on January 1. It's very exciting. I have already been practicing with what I am going to do and I might put up a snippet on my own blog to wet the appetite before January 1.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And triple Ta da!!!

Melissa says:
And finally I can put the entire month of November to rest.

Double Ta da!!!

Melissa says:
Here I am completely caught up. No months half done. No photo's laying dormant and gathering dust. It feels like a massive weight has been lifted. The pressure I put on myself is crazy!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ta da!!!

Melissa says:
Here's October all squared away with Novemeber hot on it's tail. I guess Jill might be onto something. Though I often find that sometimes a project can be a great distraction at the best time.

One less and counting.....

Melissa says:
It's been only a matter of hours and I have managed to get all of my journalling caught up for everything and finish October. Here it is as I get started on Novemeber.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

October, November and December in unison...

Melissa says:
Right now I deserve a good ribbing as I really feel like I've dropped the ball on my Lifescrap album. With only a matter of weeks left to go, I've pulled myself out of the slump and have cracked the whip overhead. For the past few days, I have been finalising the title pages for all 3 months at once, embellishing pages, printing photo's like a demon and putting it all together. Tomorrow is all about typing up my journalling notes and that should make a huge dent in the pile gathering on my workspace. Jill always says I work best under pressure. I always laugh. But lets test the theory anyway. Watch this space... I'm really close to achieving the triple threat.