Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Lifescrap Takes Me

Jill says:
Thanks to a fantastic scrapping retreat, organised by http://www.scrapbookingwarehouse.com.au , I have pumped out two pages today. Only single layouts, admittedly. Two more than I have done on any other given day in November prior to the retreat. I thought I would post this one as I wanted to share how the photos of Lifescrap365 are proving to be very special memories. Originally, this photo was simply to record the day. It now is a record of my and my son's lengthy desire to plant sunflowers and it is also a record of that day when I really needed a pick me up and looked out into the garder and there was this little ray of sunshine shining back at me. Your photos don't always have to be of people or places to record your journey. Something as simple as a flower can be utilised to record passions, moments in time, thoughts, feelings, etc.
As I had been very busy and hadn't checked in with the blog for a while, I looked in today to check out Mel's October Lifescrap365. Sadly, it wasn't here. A quick text message to check if everything was ok uncovered a busy time for a lady who scraps for a living and is at present pumping out the pages with another goal in mind. She says she might have it up by December 31....Can you wait that long? I know I can't. Come on, Mel. Maybe just do half of what you usually do. It wouldn't matter what you did, I know I would be in awe of it.

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