Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple ideas

Melissa says:
So with Lifescrap 365, some of you maybe wondering how that will work for Scrapbooking. I thought people might like to see how I've set up my album, how I plan to maintain and keep up to date while working towards my goals.
Last year was personally a very tough one, overwhelming to say the least. So in 2010, the plan is to have more inspired balance when it comes to work, home, family and friends. More on that as the journey continues!!!

My album is a 3 ring binder from American Crafts. I'm going to use a combination of refills made to fit the 6 inch by 12 inch size, as well as some ATC page protectors. Jill and I are both using the same ones but I've cut mine down so there are only 6 pockets. These are where my mini size photo's and journalling notes will be.

When Jill and I discussed what our committment would be, I decided that 1 full page protector and 2 ATC pockets would be enough for me to store a months worth of photo's, journalling and memorabilia in.
Each month is set up so all I have to do is drop in things as I go.
Right now, I'm working on January and you'll be able to see how it looks with some well deserved colour.

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