Friday, March 12, 2010

Blank spots

Melissa says:

It's true that life just takes over, things fall by the wayside and scrapbooking can sometimes take the backseat. Right now, there seems to be so many other things that need doing. I haven't sat and scrapped in my life scrap journal for a few weeks now. I'm supposed to be producing for classes right now but have only found the time to jot down the date and what my photo was for that day. I will get my journal up to date over the weekend. Even as type this, I am reminded of a conversation Jill and I had when this all began. We promised ourselves to enjoy the process, not to stress and if you don't get something done every day, there's always tomorrow. Something will twig and you'll be off and running again. Maybe all you need are a few ideas that can help fill in those blanks.

No 1. Print an email from a friend.

No 2. Use a favourite quote that lifted you spirits.

No 3. Stamp an image on a journalling card.

No 4. Use a link to remind you of something inspirational.

No 5. Take a photo of your phone.

Little kick starts like these take only 5 minutes. I might even use one myself today.

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Jill Brown said...

You know, whoever wrote that quote "I didn't find my friends, God sent them to me" was right on the money. You are truly my scrapping inspiration. Thank you for your post.