Sunday, March 28, 2010

February at last!

Jill Says:
Well I do feel a bit slack. Lucky we made the rule that we can change things as we go along. I have certainly done that this month. I was very speedy for the start of Feb then I needed one photo which Mel had sent me (it was of her ear cos I needed her to listen to me a lot throughout Feb & March for that matter!). I had it and I didn't print it. I used the excuse that I was waiting to print out photos for March as I needed four photos to print out at one time. Well, tomorrow will be a scrap day to get March up to speed (not much done there either!) so I thought it best to finish Feb and print March photos at the same time. So I'm now finished Feb and on my way for March. It's amazing how little time and effort is required to get back on track. You just really need to decide to do it.

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Moira said...

Hi Mel, found you at last!! It was awesome to see you and your lovely journal IRL this weekend :-)