Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Month Goes By

Jill says:
I have started July off with a big declutter session and some reorganising of our home offices (we have an office which has a desktop computer which stores photos and hubby's work stuff and my son's game stuff! And then there is my desk where I work from with a computer also). Hubby bought a new laser printer for his work (he's a screenprinter) which has an inbuilt scanner. It has gone on the desktop which he uses. It meant I got to have my old scanner (which I love) and it is now hooked to my computer (a Canon Canoscan Lide 80). A good thing really as in my declutter session, I took the big piece of black velvet I normally use for photography and packed it away in the attic, forgetting that I use it at least every month for my Lifescrap photos. I have scanned this month's images (on the left) and there is a lot more detail in the scanned image.
I'm not sure if you can tell. This month I attempted something different with my numbers (same stamp I know). I actually heat embossed them along with the title 'June'. After I got started, I remembered why I don't emboss very often. I love the look but prefer not to clean up the mess and could do without the fiddling around. It was something different, anyway.
I felt like June was a month of celebration for me in lots of ways and July is shaping up very much the same. We are feeling grateful for the slower pace and loads of normality back in our lives; visiting family and friends and doing some day trip adventures as well. Well, I better get off my butt and get going for the day. The joy of school holidays is having a sleep in for a bit (and sneaking in a blog post while my son enjoys the warmth of his bed). Enjoy your day.

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