Wednesday, October 6, 2010

August & September altogether!

Jill says:
Ok, no more excuses required. I made cleaning off my table a priority yesterday afternoon and low and behold, today you can actually see what colour it is! With my scrapping space all cleared off the creativity (well, if you could call it that; maybe motivation is a better word for it) flowed. So finally, August is done and dusted and what's that down below? I do believe it's September as well.
I guess that's the beauty of keeping it simple. It only takes about an hour to print out photos and journalling and stick it all together once it's all planned. I already had the nine backing cards done.
I thought I would be struggling to find photos to record even the eight main events of September. I obviously had the camera out more than I remembered. Thanks goodness for the early weeks of the month. Phew!

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