Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 2011

Jill says:
For me, 2011, is looking amazing already. I am 8 days into my new Lifescrap for 2011. A jumpstart this year. I am focusing on my personal journey this year. After a bumpy path last year, it raised some questions for me so this year I've set out to personally answer those questions. Each day I am planning on taking a photo of myself and posting it to my own personal blog ( From there, I will select 9 photos at the end of each month to print along with the journalling from that day on the blog. I am also utilising a 'discovery' type diary to help me along in my journey. So you will still see 9 photos a month from me, it will just be 9 photos of me. It feels foreign to take a photo of myself, let alone doing it everyday but I'm very slowly getting used to it. And I like that I'm getting used to it-that's exactly what this year is about for me-getting used to and learning to love who I am. Bring it!

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