Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flood Victims-Damaged Photos

"A post I think from CQ flood page, from a professional photographer.

If your photos and albums have gone under water dont throw them out. THEY CAN BE SAVED. Just soak them in fresh water, (like your bath). You may have to soak them for a couple of days specially if they have dried out. Never force them apart.

When they come apart GENTLY rinse them in fresh water. GENTLY wipe any mud off with a soft cloth.DONT RUB.

Photos are developed in water and chemicals, so fresh water WONT HURT THEM.
After they are clean lay them flat on a towel in the shade to dry."

I am waiting for this to be confirmed on a discussion board by a professional photographer as I know how important your memories are and will be.

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Sheridan said...

I'll confirm this. After developing, photos are soaked in fresh water to wash off the developer and finisher, so they are designed to not get damaged by it.

However, do not use warm or hot water, this will wreck the photos.