Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 Hints for June

Melissa says:
I friend recently asked what kind of things I photographed for the Lifescrap 365 album. She had seen the first few months finished and the idea had peaked her curiousity, maybe I can convince her to join in next year. Within the the first few weeks of this year, I knew I was going to get the same kind of photo time and time again if I didn't start to look at my daily life very differently. I soon realised that my day was filled with simple things that accumulate to a much bigger picture as I began snapping away.

Here's 3 easy photo's that you can take very quickly;

1. Your health and well being - the medication that I used for 2 weeks.

2. Places you visit - date night with my husband, while Griffin was at the school disco.

3. Creative time - mine always is my latest creation for classes. Usually I take a photo so I can text it to Jill for a sneak peak.

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