Monday, August 2, 2010

Copping Some Flack

Jill says:

Well it appears that putting your Lifescrap365 efforts up before the end of the month is not acceptable, says Mel in not so many words and she has laid down the challenge that she wants me to double it this month. It appears that taking 8 photos a month was ok with a sick child but with a healthy child, 8 is not enough! So I said "I may or may not take up the challenge". Then I read about this great idea on Facebook and I think I am going to attempt it, just to spice things up a bit.
So, my goal is to take a photo each day for the month of August. I am planning to blog every couple of days and I will display the photos for the previous days. I probably will still physically scrap 8 photos however there should be 30 odd photos on here by the end of August courtesy of me. So here are the first two photos.

1/8/2010 The first photo is of my Pazzles Inspiration machine which worked tirelessly yesterday creating titles to finish off the 11 layouts I created at the all day scrap event I attended on Saturday.
2/8/2010 The next photo is of my new entertainment unit which was delivered a little while ago. Exciting, can't wait to open it.
Well I'm off to a great start! See you real soon with some more pics.


Jill Brown said...

I hope the photos don't bore you to tears too much over the next month! Ha ha

Pamela Sweet said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for linking to my blog. :) Say, do we get to see what your new entertainment center looks like outside the box? I look forward to seeing what photo(s) you'll post next!

Project Managers - Jill and Melissa said...

Hi Pamela, normally it would have been out of the box within seconds. This week is very busy for me and I am just not sure when I will get it out of the box and all set up. I promise to take a photo of it out of the box and post it.